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Access to Specialized Services for Home Education students

Hello Home Educators!

At the end of April, the government announced that home educated children would soon have access to specialized services that until recently was only accessible in schools.  Occupational therapy, assessments, Speech language pathology and many other services are now available through an organization that has been hired by Alberta to provide help for home educated students that struggle with learning challenges.

Here is how it works:

-a parent goes to the website and makes an appointment with an intake worker.

-the intake worker will take information related to the struggles your child is having

-if necessary, the intake worker will refer the parent to a educational psychologist or other professional to assist you in creating strategies to help them support their child.

Some things you need to know:

-each child needs to have a separate appointment.

-This is for fully parent-directed home educating students only.

-This service is available through the summer.

Please access the intake form here: Khan Communication Services and use the Contact page to email Peace Home Learning Connection with any questions related to this new program.


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