Meet our New Facilitator!

Meet our New Facilitator!

Marian Johnson-HigginsMarian Johnson-Higgins

Please join me in welcoming Marian Johnson-Higgins to our Peace Home Learning Connection team!

Marian is an enthusiastic, compassionate and capable educator and has worked in a number of industries over the years namely education, retail, agriculture, photography and most recently business banking. She also has extensive experience in the classroom as a junior and senior high school teacher, specializing in math and business education.

She also likes helping people find strategies to help them overcome math difficulties. She has demonstrated flexibility as an educator and has experience with many different subjects including accounting, economics, social studies, science, health, physical education, and language arts. She has gained respect in the community for her passion for everything she does as well as her patience and caring attitude towards those she works with.

I am very confident that those who are fortunate enough to work with Marian will find her to be supportive and helpful in your homeschooling journey. She is very good at building relationships, adapting to new ideas, and finding ways to support and help others. Welcome to our team, Marian!

Golda David

Peace Home Learning Connection

Home Education Project Coordinator